Love it or hate it, Las Vegas is known for it's oversized brashness. Everything is bigger in Vegas - including the hotels. With all these hotel rooms to fill, there are many ways to get a good room for not a lot of money, leaving you spare cash for the slot machines and gaming tables - or to spend on fine dining and shopping.

The best known way of getting a good room in Las Vegas is to gamble a lot at a casino, and have them comp you a room in exchange for your gaming. Sadly, at the nicer Las Vegas hotels, the amount of money you need to be playing is higher than I, and a lot of other people, aren't comfortable with losing. At the lower levels that I play at, it's possible to get a free buffet visit, but with American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts, we can do much, much better.

With many FHR Las Vegas hotels, the room rate for the base rooms can be so low that the value of the breakfast benefit and the $100 credit can more than cover the room price, and for a single night stay, can reduce your cost to less than zero before taxes. You can spend a single night in good room at a nice hotel for less than the cost of a room at Circus Circus or Excalibur.
For Las Vegas hotels, The Strip is the place to be, The main part of the Las Vegas Strip is over 3 miles long, and it's good to be located near to the places you might want to visit during your stay. With Fine Hotels and Resorts, you have your pick of Strip locations. From the newly added Delano in the south to the Wynn & Encore in the north, you'll be able to be close to the action that works for you.

Stay a night at a good Las Vegas hotel and pay less than Circus Circus or Excalibur?

By combining the $100 credit and the free breakfast for 2 people, you can stay at a luxury Las Vegas hotel for an effective cost of under $40 for a single night.

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